In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Platform 2012


Culture vs Religion

Assalamu alaikum,

Alhamdulillah, Platform 2012 has come and gone! Minneapolis, Minnesota was a lot of fun and benefit. Over 550 attendees from all over the country participated in 4 days of lectures, activities,  social interaction and networking as well as Qur’an, quiz, and sports competitions. Platform is the annual flagship program of the National Council of Nigerian Muslim Organizations in the USA. Platform 2011 was held in Baltimore, Maryland in December 2011 and Platform 2013 is scheduled to hold in Miami, Florida in December 2013.



Imam ‘AbduSemi’h A. Tádése, LLB in Shariah and Common Law from the International University of Africa, Khartoum, Sudan and Director of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh.

Sheikh Abbas Adekola, graduate of King Saud University, Riyadh, Chaplain with the New Jersey State Correctional Department, and Imam at Masjidullah, Philadelphia.

Dr Abdul-Fatai Bolaji Adisa, Imam of the Masjid Al- Amin, Gary, IN (birthplace of MSA–ISNA) studied with notable scholars including Shaykh Thaoban Abdullah Al-Ilory. He holds a PhD in PT and an MBA.

Imam Khalis Rashaad has had the honor of studying various Islamic Sciences under some of today’s foremost scholars and currently serves as Resident Imam at the Ibrahim Islamic Center in Houston, Texas, and conducts regular lectures and classes on the Islamic Sciences, Arabic and general Islamic Studies.

Imam Nuruddeen Alli, graduate of International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan with a Masters degree from the University of Wales, UK. He is the Imam of Masjid Mubarak (NAIM), Newark NJ where he takes his students to study abroad on a regular basis.

Shaykh Jamal Ben Ameur, Imam of Masjid Al -Tawba in Eden Prairie and the Amir of Eden Prairie Islamic Community Center, Minnesota.

Other confirmed speakers include Imam AbdurRahman Adesokan, Imam Yahya Nafiu, Prof Yushau Sodiq, Dr. Musodiq Layemo, Sis. Ganiyah Fajingbesin, Sheikh Muhammad Dukuly, Sis. Kudrat Gbadamosi, and many others.


Panel Discussion

What Celebrations are Acceptable in Islam The Relationship Between Islamic and Cultural Manners Being Muslim and African in America


Game Night Ice Cream Socials Mall of America Quranic Competition
Spoken Words Youth Professional Mixer Islamic Jeopardy Sport Competition


How My Faith Influences My Culture Family Activities Promoted By Islam How Islam Changed the Culture of the Arabs
Relationship Between Islamic and Cultural Manners Keeping up Apperances: Practicing Islam, Acknowledge Culture Morality and Ethnics for Ourselves and Family
What it Means to Love Allah and His Prophet Putting Allah and His Prophet First How Islam Changed the Culture of the Arabs
How Do I Express the Rituals of Islam to My Peers Ways to Do Da’wah in College Ways to Do Da’wah in the Workplace
Bidah: Identifying it and Understanding It The Long Jounery of Salman Al- Farisi Impact of the American Culture on Our Faith
You want to Marry who? Winning Our Children to Islam Brothers- Hold on to your roots without compromising your faith
Brothers – Love, Romance and Premarital Counseling Sisters- Hold on to your roots without compromising your faith Sisters – Love, Romance and Premarital Counseling
Financial Management How Did The Prophet (SAW) Treated His Family How to strengthen and sustain a marriage (Imam Dukuly)